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    I get my prescriptions filled at Target, happy with their service.

    I agree with Noonie here, Sears and K-mart will be casualties of this economy.
    My parents used Target for years in Illinois. They loved the pharmacist and they were never that busy.

    Once my dad retied and they started to travel full time they tried using Wal Mart for a while but their stores were not all connected by computer at the time, now it's just my mom and she uses Walgreens. Our Wal Mart is the only shopping center in our town, the line at the pharmacy (I am not kidding) can be fifty people at times, and they use the same line for dropping off and picking mom simply can't deal with it, and they don't have a drive up either for drop off pick up, live Walgreens or CVS has. Our Wal Mart Rx also closes for lunch, and the line gets really long then...

    Try the CVS and see how they treat you. Competition is a good thing!

    My town of 27,000 residents has 5 pharmacies, all very busy due to the neighbor towns that have no pharmacy services from Death Valley, CA to Beaty, NV.

    Mail order is not real popular in our area due to the remote areas and it can get pretty hot inside those mail boxes. Today we hit 111 degrees outside....not really good for pills inside a hot box next to the street.

    The Walgreens Way to Well Commitment is focused on improving your everyday health through the prevention and early detection of today's leading diseases, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Our goal is to donate $100 million in preventive resources over the next four years.
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