Rosa Luxemburg (20,366 posts)

What's going on with the 47% in the southern states?

I notice Romney is the love of all Alabama, Texas etc.

Who is going to tell the 47% down there that voting for Romney is actually voting against themselves?
Because adding to the debt by taking freebees from the government, killing unborn babies and celebrating the gay lifestyle is considered to be "in our best interest" according to liberals.
meow2u3 (12,738 posts)

1. Many conservative Southern poor whites would rather go broke, sick, and hungry

than see minorities benefit, even if they benefit themselves from progressive policies.
socialist_n_TN (7,476 posts)

3. As usual........

God, guns, and gays. Added to that there's a half-black guy running as a Dem. If you vote Dem you're going to Hell where you'll get fucked in the ass by a New Black Panther and the Devil will take away your AK-47.

The working class in the southern states is even more cowed by wealth, even ill gotten wealth (is there any other kind--it's all theft one way or another), than it is in the rest of the country. I blame the Calvanism.
fun n serious (228 posts)

4. Sadly,

They do not have internet or cable. They rely on local news but only if they arent to tired after coming home from working 14hrs for no wage or low wage.

Edit to add. IMO.
fun n serious: Oh no, they have no internet or cable so we can't lie to them and stir up jealousy and class envy. Now what do we do?

aaaaaa5a (2,722 posts)

7. The answer to the question is easy.

What's wrong with the 47% in the southern states?

They still hate black people.

Race trumps everything.
DFW (11,985 posts)

15. The people who mentioned the media nailed it

Very simply, many of the 47% in the South haven't a clue that they ARE part of the 47%.

If they realized that, the South would flip back to blue in half an hour.
coldwaterintheface (17 posts)

16. Well President Obama won't be getting any whiter anytime soon so

good luck with trying to convince a bunch of racist morons that the black guy in the WH is actually trying to help them have a better life.
Because adding to the debt by taking freebees from the government, killing unborn babies and celebrating the gay lifestyle is "a better life".
Stuckinthebush (8,102 posts)

23. Jesus

Jesus is going on. Or, I should say their warped version of Christianity. As I sit on my front porch writing this I can see my neighbors who, on many other issues, are quite logical people. But, tomorrow many of them will go to their mega churches where the message of eternal salvation somehow gets mixed in with republican talking points. There is a serious disconnect between their Bible and their beliefs. Cognitive dissonance is buried by their smiling pastors who assure them that Jesus while loving the poor wanted them to be self sufficient and take responsibility for themselves. Jesus and God also reward the faithful with riches and comforts. Just look pastor Bob if you doubt. He is a humble minister who drives a Lexus and lives in a gorgeous home. God smiles on him. Pastor Bob in a hushed voice tells his parishioners that the Republicans are closer to God. Just look at how they pray and invoke His name!

So, the parishioners' cognitive dissonance is assuaged and their political choices are confirmed.

Meanwhile, they are screwed by their politicians for the benefit of the wealthy like Pastor Bob.

My state just closed three needed mental health hospitals and is cutting back on social services due to funding shortfalls. But we have the lowest income, property and corporate taxes in the nation by god!

Sweet home Alabama will be blood red for a long will Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky.