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They are talking about Southerners the way they accuse us of talking about blacks. Hypocrite much DUmmies?
See, they are "allowed" to hate southern whites because southern whites are inherently racist, whereas blacks have been systematically oppressed and that makes them a protected class. It's the same thing with white power vs black power, blacks can say black power an it be "empowering" while whites can't say white power because whites have always had the power.

Also, whites are just oppressive, they made the indians walk on the trail of tears, forgetting the fact that the indians were murdering colonials and were warring against each other right next door to the colonies, they made blacks into slaves, even though the african war lords are the ones that enslaved them and sold them for profit much like they do with the arab countries today; dummies love multiculturalism, except for white culture, they think that white people have been so oppressive, historical facts and context be damned, and that the culture of africans( notice how I said africans and not blacks Dummies probably think only black people can be from africa) such as slavery, blood diamond mining, perpetual civil war, and 3rd world standard of living in much of the continent.

Dummies think the only reason why southerners are poor is because they just haven't cashed in their white privilege, and that blacks will always need government to make sure they succeed.