Drew Richards (584 posts)

I am an old man, I remember the euphoria and love for the Kennedy's and the tragedies that followed

and as we get closer to this election I can honestly say that I am getting bouts of Profound FEAR for our Presidents safety every time I see him in public forums.

With the death's/murders of the Kennedy's It does not matter what you believe occurred or how it occurred anymore...

(I still tear up when I think of the loss)

What does matter is that we have lost Presidents before, ones that loved this Country profoundly and understood that it is the PEOPLE that make the Country, Not the Wealthy, not the Corporations, not even the Government body...it's THE PEOPLE.

Here we are again, but this time, many of the usual culprits/suspects are under the spot light, so they use propaganda to whip up a hate frenzy of surrogates that encompasses so very many people of this country; that there could possibly be a lone gunman anywhere that believes he will be a hero if he assassinates our President.

I ask all of you to stop, and just for a moment, to yourself, and to any deity you may believe in, to repeat after to me.

(deity) Hear my Prayer,
Please protect the president from all harm in these trying times,
From enemies foreign and domestic,
and help us all to be better people,
to our family,
to our friends,
to our enemies,
and to ourselves,

(End of prayer)


I feel better.

oh my god.....please god.........please make it so the DUmmies are not soooooooooooo damn stupid.......amen...