OK here's one more word we can't use. It's HOMOPHOBIC!!!!!!! :

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Romney surrogate slams Obama’s Libya response with homophobic slur

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and surrogate for presidential hopeful former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) John Bolton harshly criticized the Obama administration’s response to the violence in Benghazi, Libya earlier this month, calling the U.S. response “limp-wristed.”

The Bush appointee was speaking to Fox News on Friday when he used the homophobic insult, which, as Think Progress noted, is “usually used as a slur against or allusion to gay men” and to connote weakness.

“The US is viewed under Obama as weak, as Sen. McCain said, as declining in influence dramatically in the Middle East, pulling out of Iraq, intending to pull out of Aghanistan,” Bolton alleged, “having a limp wristed reaction to the assassination of four American diplomats.”

Bolton was joining a group of Republican Senators and other officials condemning the Obama administration for its foreign policy in the Middle East.

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