Oh Good Grief!! You can't make this stuff up. They are taking the 7-11 cup "poll" as "proof" that Obama will win.

rainbow4321 (9,004 posts)

Why mittens is more fucked than he realizes

After seeing the thread about the 7-11 cup race I went to the site and looked thru my state (TX).

In Killeen, very much a military town (base,etc...) POTUS is waaay in front (62-38) And it is in the **heart of TX**, not one of our urban areas/counties. So much for certain pundits/repukes/articles, etc.. that have tried to say that the military population is leaning towards mittens and his b.s.

Only area in TX where mittens leads is Grapevine, $uburb way to the north where alot of mitt-like people live.

Goodness...POTUS is even ahead in Hillsboro, TX area..down near Waco (Baylor area, bible belt, around where chimpass had his, cough, cough, "ranch")

Yeah. Mittens is fucked. He is not only losing the urban parts of TEXAS but the rural areas and some of the suburbs (Arlington).. I realize he is not going to get TX overall, but if you take these **areas' counterparts in other states**, he is fucked on a national level. More than he will ever admit (yeah, about those internal polls of yours, Mitt???)
Glad to see that the 7-11 site has expanded the list of individual cities and more rural areas...last time I looked it only had the so called "urban" areas in general..which I could easily see repukes claiming as an excuse for POTUS taking the lead.
Kalidurga (2,868 posts)

1. Blue is clearly Americas favorite color...

I hope though that people were really choosing their favorite based on who they want for President. If so this is going to be an Obama landslide. I hope Mitt gets caught under it.
reformist2 (1,890 posts)

3. Given that 7-11 predicted Bush winning in 2000 and 2004, that gives them a lot of credibility now.
But the prediction models that have a much longer track record of being right ARE NOT RIGHT. (Of course not, they predict Romney will win.)
rainbow4321 (9,004 posts)

7. Yep...I shoulda said more fucked than he will ADMIT to being....

Any day now I expect to see Ryan sipping from a blue 7-11 cup as he stands behind mittens on stage (given Ryan's onstage facial expressions/body language recently)