kentuck (63,219 posts)

Voters are not going to fall in love with Romney between now and Election Day.

Romney knows that and the Republican Party and FOX News knows that. That is not going to change.

But what they can try to change is the way the voters feel about Barack Hussein Obama. And they will try every trick in the book to tear down this President in the next 5 weeks. They will mock and ridicule and lie. They are a desperate Party that will do anything, yes anything, to try and win this next election. They will lie, cheat, and steal. They would go even further if they thought they could get away with it.

So we know what to expect in the next few weeks. There are no surprises in store. The Republican Party will show their true colors. The first sign of desperation is when they start yelling about media bias. It has begun.
The critical criteria liberals have in determining who to vote for is............LOVE.

How many Republicans vote based on LOVE?

Oh, and talk about projection. LOL One could write a book just based on the lies, projection, paranoia, racism and bigotry. It could be classified as comedy, but the sords would all be their own.

Betsy Ross (2,798 posts)

6. Could we beat them at the game by creating silly stories.

Harmless "gossip" that is OBVIOUSLY a joke. Like a pro-volleyball career in 2016. Flood them with such stupid stuff the Republican shit will look just as stupid.
Well DU does look and sound like a "joke" and sounds stupid as well. So go ahead and look even more "stupid" if that is even possible.

catbyte (2,360 posts)

8. It won't work

The American public knows President Obama and they like him. The only way the Republicans have a chance at winning is to steal it, but I think the margins are getting to big for them to do it. I think that's what is freaking them out too. The more they pile hatred on Obama, the more they are repulsing the public and I think it will help us in the down ballot races. This could be a GOP catastrophe.

I was driving across town in Grand Rapids on Friday & there's a big billboard on the corner of 131S & 28th by the Republican Party that says, "Obama supports gay marriage & abortion...DO YOU?" I saw a car full of young people pull up next to me. They were pointing and nodding at the billboard and I could see them mouthing, "Yeah, we do!" I rolled down my window and told them to vote. They said they would, gave me a thumbs up, then the light turned.

Gave me hope.
Yea, well I like my minister, my Dad and even the Democrat across the road.............doesn't mean I would vote for them. Likability doesn't mean that someone is competent to be the President of the United States. Obama has already proven that.
jsr (999 posts)

5. So it's not so easy to fall in love with a rich man
Typical liberal response. It's all about "LOVE", "HATING THE RICH" (except rich Democrats) and rarely talk about Obama's record and what he plans to do in the next 4 years.