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Have A Sick Mom That Can't Get To Church & Just Put On A Catholic Mass On Cable TV & I'm Now Furious

the priest was at the pulpit damning the HHS ruling on abortion, contraception, etc. Said something like it was the worst attack on Religious Freedom ever in the U.S.

I thought they were supposed to separate Church & State. Don't they get special tax considerations for keeping out of politics?

Needless to say I didn't leave this on. I just feel bad for my Mom - cause she would have appreciated the fact that she could take a Mass in while at home.
What a jerk. She deprived her mother of watching mass.....because she was OFFENDED that the Catholic Church teaches and wants it's members to follow its' beliefs.

Seperation of church and state doesn't mean that when the STATE meddles in the church and mandates things against their beliefs that the church has to shut up and not respond.

The of so "tolerant" liberal who demands tolerance of everything they want and believe shows her intolerance. How surprising. (NOT)