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Every freaking election I see politicians and clergy standing at the pulpit talking about politics and who to vote for and when at certain Christian churches.

I have never seen a politician at the pulpit or a Catholic priest tell someone who to vote for in a Catholic church. Never. They don't do that. They may mention that certain policies of our government run counter to the teachings of the Church but you'll never hear them endorse or support a specific person. Credit to some of the DUmmies in that thread that realize that. Too bad for DUmmy's mom that can't listen to Mass though.
The most I've ever heard the priests say in mass is that we need to learn to get along and not judge each other over political differences. I do remember once hearing a priest say at a dinner that the two parties can have each other. lol. The thing about the Catholic Church is that the Republican and the Democrat Party offer ideas that go along with their ideology.

I'm concerned about so many people preaching from the pew. It's not so much that I have a problem with the preacher being a Republican. I don't even have a problem with it if they're actively working for the other party. It's that I have concerns about liberals or even conservative leaning Democrats feeling like church is not for them. I remember during the NC primaries in May, I heard a preacher say how he was going to vote on something and suggested why we should too. However, he also said that we're free to tell him if we don't agree, but that he won't argue. Reason being is because he didn't want to divide the church. I didn't agree with what he said he was going to vote on, but I did very much appreciate what he said.

It's not just one sided. I once attended a synogogue service where the Rabbi said we should all support universal healthcare and that it was unethical not to. It made some people feel uncomfortable. I don't think division is good.

Sorry if I slightly went off subject.