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  1. #1 Obama gets endorsement he doesn't want -- from Chavez 
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    9:29AM EST October 1. 2012 - This isn't an endorsement President Obama will claim.

    Hugo Chavez, the socialist president of Venezuela, told state television: "I hope this doesn't harm Obama, but if I was from the United States, I'd vote for Obama."

    Chavez, who like Obama is seeking re-election, also called the American president "a good guy," reports Reuters.

    "I think that if Obama was from Barlovento or some Caracas neighborhood, he'd vote for Chavez," said the Venezuela leader.

    It's quite a contrast to how Chavez described Obama predecessor George W. Bush -- as "the devil."

    Chavez predicted both he and Obama would win re-election, possibly leading to better American-Venezuelan relations. He said both he and Obama were battling the "extreme right" in their election battles.

    "After our triumph and the supposed, probable triumph of President Obama -- with the extreme right defeated here and there -- I hope we could start a new period of normal relations with the United States," Chavez said.

    He added: "Obama recently said something very rational and fair ... that Venezuela is no threat to the interests of the United States."
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    Heh, heh.....I remember the 'gulp' done by Reagan when Hosea Williams, the black activist from Atlanta, endorsed Reagan over Carter.

    "Gee, thanks, and uh..........."

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    That is about as funny as the KKK endorsing that black senator from New York. What was his name?

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    Somebody needs to do an ad that cites all of the far-left endorsements that Obama has gotten, along with quotes. The CPUSA, for example, had some doozies in their endorsement.
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