As the Supreme Court of the United States began its new term today, there was a signal that the battle over the Affordable Care Act may not be settled. Back in June, the court upheld the health care lawís individual mandate but there were portions of the law they didnít rule on, including the employer mandate.

Senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano noted that there are still 45 lawsuits challenging the employer mandate in ObamaCare. It was anticipated that a trial judge would rule on the lawsuits which would make their way into an intermediate appellate court and then maybe the Supreme Court. Instead, Judge Napolitano said, the court surprisingly accelerated the schedule and decided that the issue should be reviewed again.

Whatís being challenged is the obligation of an employer to make available to its employees an array of procedures paid for by the health care provider that are against the values of the employer. Judge Napolitano added, ďThe issue of whether the religious concerns can block the application of the statute is what the court will review probably next year Ö and faster, because of what it did today.Ē

The administration now has 30 days to respond to a request by Liberty University for a rehearing on the issue.

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