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    What Happens Next
    * The FBI is moving forward with its investigation into Kernell, but is releasing few specifics about what actions its agents are taking.

    * A grand jury could reconvene at any time and potentially file formal charges. An attorney told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that grand juries could "pursue investigations for many sessions," so Tuesday's meeting may be only the first.

    * If the case does end up going to trial, the government's challenge will be proving who was actually at the computer during the hacking. Having seized equipment would make that easier, he indicates. (Whether agents seized anything during their visit to Kernell's apartment is not clear, though witness reports indicate that they primarily photographed evidence.)
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    Rasch says if the hacker were charged with a misdemeanor, he would likely face a sentence of zero to six months, depending on his history, attitude and contrition. If the hacker were to come forward and apologize to Palin and tell the FBI exactly what he did, prosecutors might take this into consideration.

    "If the government treats this for what it really is, which was a kid who was curious to see if he could do this . . . then the kid should be in reasonably good shape" and face "little, if any, jail time," Rasch said.

    Of course this is not the opinion of any one who matters. He is facing federal charges. The Fed is not known for it's sense of humor and forgiving nature.

    Plus the little Soon To Be Passed Around For Smokes assclown BRILLIANTLY wrote his own confession and posted it on the internet.
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