So what's new? Liberals can't stand a debate moderator that asks their candidate anything more than softball questions. And as usual they have a foul mouth.


cali (74,811 posts)

OH FUCK. David Gregory starts off the Warren/Brown Debate with Native American question

I hate that fucker. Here's the link to the live broadcast:

Getting worse by the second.
cali (74,811 posts)

2. This is frickin' unbelievable

7 minutes into the debate asswipe piece of dog shit gregory is still sliming Warren.
Lisa D (728 posts)

3. Warren gave a good answer,

but Brown is doubling-down. Frankly, I think this issue hurts Brown.
cali (74,811 posts)

4. She sure did. But this just makes me furious

as if there weren't real issues.
Because lying about your ethnic heritage to gain an advantage isn't a "real issue"
hrmjustin (1,152 posts)

David Gregory is not a good moderator.

nolabear (11,349 posts)

Second Warren debate about to begin on (and maybe C-Span)

Go Elizabeth!!
MerryBlooms (1,746 posts)

2. Oh mercy, David Gregory. Ugh, I can't stand that guy.
Mon Oct 1, 2012, 07:07 PM

MerryBlooms (1,746 posts)

7. That man has no business calling himself a journalist -
the companies that hire his sorry ass, are not a friend to liberals.