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You've spotted the critical detail that the French are missing. The children that they couldn't be bothered having and raising will not be there to maintain their culture, much less their social programs, and the Muslims aren't going to be interested in paying for their retirement benefits, so expect those to decline precipitously, with resulting exoduses of retirees, further reducing the French population relative to the Muslims. Right now, a number of French cities have Muslim majorities, and almost every city has at least one Muslim enclave where French law is not in force. In another generation, the country as a whole will have a Muslim majority, and that will be the end of France as a western nation. We need to begin planning for the dissolution of NATO.
I reject the idea that if each woman doesn't have three children that it somehow props open the door to Asian and African migration.
I reject the idea that population must continue to expand to sustain a country, when common sense tells you that an ever increasing population places unsustainable demands on our resources as well as our ability to tolerate close captivity. Human beings can stand being jammed together, but not if they feel trapped. People can live in New York, because they can go elsewhere for a break. Those who don't go elsewhere don't seem to do as well.

I live on a Peninsula. In the last 15 years, the trip from here to the other side of Tampa (ie escape) has changed from about 40 minutes to an hour up to two hours. The 75 mile trip from here to Orlando has gone from an hour and a half to up to four hours. Our experience with population growth is that the new people, be they immigrants or native Americans, will live within 50 miles of the coasts. That land is full. The only place to go is up, and that sucks.

I believe that you can scale down a country to work with a smaller population. In fact, it's happened in the past. To the horror of ten cent millionaires that means that a young person can actually save for a house or farm, because the price isn't rising 10% per year. Our wealth is somewhat artificial, and the only way for some to maintain their wealth is like Wayne Huizenga, to bulldoze and build on the Everglades for ever more people. Perhaps that's not the best way of doing things anymore?