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Mon Oct 1, 2012, 12:45 PM

I Witnessed A Conversion

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First a little background. I live in an area of Columbus, Ohio that is sandwiched between two VERY well-to-do suburbs (Dublin and Upper Arlington, for those familiar with the area) and one fairly well-to-do suburb (Hilliard, which is where my kids go to school). In my neighborhood, I have seen almost no yard signs whatsoever for either candidate. One guy at the end of the street has a Rmoney sign and a Josh Mandel sign. I have seen only two other yard signs (both Rmoney signs), but at least one of them, and maybe both, are now gone (they are no longer being displayed--for what reason, I have no idea). When I've walked through the neighborhood, I haven't seen any Obama signs, but that doesn't really bother me, because I tend to think that most people in this neighborhood are like me (i.e. they're Obama supporters and will vote for him, but just aren't putting a yard sign out, 1) because it would likely be stolen, and 2) because this election is such a forgone conclusion that buying one would really be a waste of money). During the 2008 election, there were no fewer than 30 Obama signs in this neighborhood (I know because I used to count them as I went on my walks through the neighborhood).

There is one particular neighbor who lives along the main road, and has a wooden rail fence at his property line (because there's a small pool inside the fence). During all of 2008, this guy stapled McCain signs to his fence. He put up one during the primaries, and then after McCain won the nomination, he plastered like 15 of them all right next to each other, all along this fence that faces the road. So all this time I'm thinking that much like the guy who had a Josh Mandel sign in his yard, this guy is a "true believer" ideologue (because who could possibly like Rmoney or Josh Mandel if they weren't completely brainwashed?) These days, every time I drive by this person's property, I keep waiting to see the Rmoney signs stapled to the fence, but there hasn't been any signage this year (and I really expected him to start posting signs during Primary season).

Today I drove by and there were Obama signs in his yard. I'm so completely floored right now that I had to come on DU and tell the world about it. I mean, I knew that a LOT of Republicans absolutely HATE Rmoney, but I never thought they hated him so much that they would enthusiastically endorse Obama. I've met a lot of Republicans who are voting for Obama because they hate Rmoney, but they were doing it reluctantly. This guy is energized enough to buy and post yard signs. There must have been a miraculous conversion at some point along the way.

It's a miracle!!!!!