You just have to shake your head at the thinking of these people.

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my autistic son asked me who would be better for pres

I told him that Romney would decrease the amount of money we get from the government to help care for him and give it to rich people who already have enough money and don't need it. Speaking of getting a gov check. I keep hearing republicans say that we have too many people in this country receiving a gov check. Maybe just maybe having that many people getting a gov check means we are actually receiving the very services that we pay for in taxes. We pay taxes so we can receive services. We pay taxes so we can drive on roads, go to school, have a fire fighter put out the flames of burning houses. We also pay taxes so that when we are unemployed we can feed our children while we are looking for a job. We also pay taxes so that when a loved one becomes disabled they can still have the care and DIGNITY that they deserve. We pay taxes so that when we are too old to work anymore we can still feed ourselves and go to the doctor. We pay these taxes. We should get services. Otherwise we have taxation without representation. And any republican who says otherwise should explain whether or not they themselves have ever benefited from social security, medicare, or unemployment insurance. Only problem is we already know what their response would be. That they earned it and deserve it and the poor people don't.
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1. The way I see it,

they are the ones mooching off the system. Subsidies, special tax loopholes, golden parachutes, and whatever "legal" ways they've come up with to get paid for having money. They are allowed to live in our country, and prosper from the hard work of our citizens.

They are the takers. We are the makers. And I'm damned sick and tired of hearing it stated the other way around. They wouldn't have a penney to piss on without the whole 99 percent below them. No roads, no bridges, no services, no products, no more money, without us, the makers, who provide for them.

Good post. K&R