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Why is that a straw man argument. It is directly on topic. You know, I've learned that recently that people like to toss out that "your making a straw man argument" when they cannot refute the initial statement based on evidence at hand..

What you can't dispute is the fact that under a free market that revolved around the opening chapters of the industrial era when there were no regulations concerning child labor that the free market exploited children for financial gain. That is a fact and not a straw man.

Labor regulations came along forced industry against its will to operate more ethically when dealing with those people it employed.

Do I think that free market is over regulated. Yes I certainly do. I but by that same token I do not believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water. Some regulation is necessary to keep some people from taking advantage of others. Should industries be allowed to wantonly dump chemicals in rivers and pour pollutants into the air? With no regulation this would happen. How do I know this because companies get caught and fined every year for violating not only the unnecessary regulations but the necessary ones as well.

You seem not to understand that some people will do anything to make a profit no matter who gets hurt. This is not another straw man. This is another fact.
I believe you try to misrepresent my position. Talk about returning to slave labor is indeed strawman tactics because it frames the argument into one where you suggest I'm advocating the return of "Slave Labor OK'. That my belief in an unregulated free market = enslavement. That if one engages in dishonest business practice for the sake of profit that is somehow a free market. That is not the case.

I do understand that profits can drive people to hurt others. The problem is in this country, those who engage in those practices get "bailouts" off the backs of you and me. The profits are all "privatized", but the risk is made "public". That is not a free market. It also doesn't detract from my position that the "Law" should protect people against things like theft, violence, and enslavement.

It's not likely I'm going to be convinced hat we are underegulated in this country. Hearing Romney not acknowledging the role regulation has played in this countries demise is very disheratening.