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Both place restrictions on behavior and both institute penalties for violating prescribed behaviors. The only difference really is that the government can put you in prison for violating a law and it can put a company out of business for violating a regulation.

Now lets really complicate the issue. What is the difference between laws, regulations and rules? In ice hockey I can violate a rule by smacking another player with a hockey stick. If I do this outside of a game then I go to jail for assault, but if I do this in a game I might get tossed in the penalty box for 5 minutes. I have technically violated a law but because I did what I did in the context of a sporting event the defenders of the law don't acknowledge my crime. Sports are generally considered self regulating so their enforcement of their regulations/rules are acknowledged by the legal system as being adequate punishment for some crimes that happen in the course of game play.
In general society there is the expectation of an Individuals right to being secure in their being and if someone violates that security they are subject to prosecution and penalty. In a sporting event you are voluntarily putting yourself in a situation of high probability that someone is going to violate the rules in fact you can pretty much expect it to happen. Certainly you can't play football or hockey or enter a boxing match with an expectation of not getting hit.