Obama is a genius - he deliberately let Romney talk because it was to his (Obama's) benefit. (SO THERE!)

Lint Head (9,439 posts)

I just had an epiphany regarding why Obama did not attack Romney during the debate.

So far Romney has been his own worst enemy simple by opening his mouth. I think it was a game play to let Romney spew his crap on and on without a full bore challenge because he knew Romney would lie, and he did.
mattvermont (495 posts)
4. this is what I said to all my handwringing

friends today. The last thing O wants 4 weeks out is a many people will not vote under that situation. Also, the dirty money just got pulled out from under down-ticket candidates, just as they thought they would get it. It is going back to be used ineffectively on romney ads. Then there is all the lies that O can now play every day on the he is doing today. Crazy like a fox,...and also maybe a bit distracted. Either way, it will work to our advantage.
treestar (36,005 posts)

5. this has me wondering too, do they ever attack the other in the debates
Did Obama attack McCain at any point? I don't see these debates as actual debates or actual arguments. They just seem like speeches.

Plus it is not fair to let Rmoney control it all by saying outrageous things and then requiring his opponent to respond to them. Why should he get that control? Obama doesn't say outrageous things. It's letting the bully set the agenda.

If they are going to have these debates, they should have moderators that don't let an ass like Rmoney get away with whatever he wants to do. They should follow the debate rulebooks.
Bluenorthwest (20,964 posts)
11. Add to that the easily forgotten fact that for many Americans, particularly those
'undecideds' this was their first real introduction to Mitt. If you don't follow politics, are not from MA, you probably have heard of him, but not really paid attention. ? So yeah, when you have a guy people don't like much and a room full of people who don't know him, letting him take the spotlight and make himself super eviedent to the newly interested is one way to go. People know the President. People do not care for a hard closing huckster and that's what Mitt seemed like, selling something and you're not sure what.

I think there were better ways to handle it, but I'm not sure it matters. Mitt Romeny, to meet him is to hate him. America met Mitt, firing Big Bird and talking faster than an autioneer at foreclosure sale.