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    Wee Willy is NOT HAPPY

    I am not a troll. [View all]

    Been here eleven years.

    I am very disappointed in tonight's debate. Far, far too many opportunities simply wasted.

    Counting on the press and the Obama campaign ads to catch all of Romney's lies tonight is a poor strategy. Believing debates really don't make a difference is whistling past the graveyard.

    The media has been slavering for an opportunity to run "Romney's back, it's close!" across the sky. Tonight, they got it. Romney looked like he wanted it more, and when lies don't get called out, they tend to stand.

    I am not a troll.

    This was not a good night.

    P.S. "The moderator sucked" is no excuse. Lehrer was a train wreck, but Obama had a dozen opportunities to draw blood - big fat hanging meatballs over the plate - and he failed to swing at pretty much all of them.

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    Good men sleep peaceably in their beds at night because
    rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

    Real superheroes don't wear capes. They wear dog tags.
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    Hey, Jim's the man. I'd like to see others try to moderate between those two.

    Jim: You have two minutes.

    Twenty. Minutes. Later.

    Romney: Let me go on another minute. It's my turn to get the last word. Obama can get the first word next time.

    Jim: You can't keep doing this.

    Obama: Let me tell you.....

    Jim: Your time is up.

    Obama: I have five seconds.

    Jim: That was more than five seconds.


    (Later on).

    Romney and Obama finish fighting in the boxing ring. Families come up and everybody is just so nice to each other.

    Obama: You know what Romney? You're right. You are fun to hang out with on my anniversary.

    Romney: Wanna go watch a movie between our families tonight?

    Obama: Sure. Let's watch "Big Bird Come to Town."

    Jim: Buttholes.

    People got so mad over the debates. I don't know why. I thought they were funny.
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