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  1. #1 Nanny State meets Police State: Veggi cams! 
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    Lake County considers 'trash-cams' at school cafeterias

    Lake County School Board officials are considering attaching cameras to school cafeteria trash cans to study what students are tossing after officials found that most of the vegetables on the school menu end up in the trash can.

    New federal laws require students to take a healthy produce at lunchtime, but last year in Lake County, students tossed $75,000 worth of produce in the garbage.

    "It's a big issue, and it's very hard to get our hands around it," said School Board member Todd Howard, who suggested "trash-cams." "They have to take (the vegetable), and then it ends up in the trash can, and that's a waste of taxpayer money. It's also not giving students the nutrition that they need."...
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    Most of our unwanted vegetables got eaten by Willie the Janitor. We just handed him our trays, he picked up the forks we just ate with, and he finished off whatever we didn't eat. Every kid loved Willie.

    The principal found a dead possum once in the parking lot, and called Willie to come get it and throw it away. Willie responded with a "that's still fresh, I'm bringing it home for dinner".

    My mom used to say "I think Willie is a little slow". He was awesome, whatever his Weschler score may have been.
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