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The glaring political elephant in last night's debate

The most stunning component of last night's debate was the glaring political elephant on stage advancing his populist campaign. Compared to the rhetoric of Mitt Romney's previous political positions, observers saw not the severely conservative candidate he had previously described himself as but rather the great champion of the middle class. Advocating the creation of jobs to increase Federal revenues and saying he knows as a businessman how to create those jobs defies his record as Governor of Massachusetts where his state sank to 47th in job creation. This debate performance was the debut of the etch-a-sketch candidate one of Romney's own campaign advisors warned us would appear. And so he did, championing the middle class in his populist thrust, in defiance of the earlier Romney who castigated 47 percent of the population for being "takers" who pay no taxes but cling to the government for support. Romney's entire presentation was simply breathtaking in its entirely new populist makeover.

(Text of email I just fired off to The Washington Journal)

Only to the leftists is Romney "severely conservative".