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I have a bad feeling about how SNL is going to play this....

To appear "fair", I can see them parodying Obama badly.

I hope I am wrong... but they will do a debate skit and I am hoping they hammer Romney and Lehrer, but I fear they will "set a narrative" about Obama that we won't like.

They creamed Sarah Palin in '08... and if they want to, they'll do it to the President too.
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A comedy show (used loosely) might use comedy on our candidate. Dicks. They haven't once satired 0bama. Why start now. I won't watch the show but I'm curious as to how it will play out.

But this post is the mentality. It's speaks volumes about the media being in the tank for 0bama and the left's expectation that it be that way.

"fair" is in quotes. It implies SNL is completely unfair to the right. We know this. Does the DUmmy even get this? He is afraid that one stupid skit on 0bama will "set a narrative". Is 0bama that vulnerable that that is what concerns you? I wish he was, you guys would be in a world of shit. They creamed kidding. And they creamed her with something she didn't even say. They lie, the left lies, demopukes lie.

Can't poke fun at Barry. Must denigrate Romney and Lehrer. The sad part is, the idiot still won't understand when he is told they all lean left and are biased. Sheesh.