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    So Paul has endorsed Pastor Baldwin and his highly intolerant party, which wants to use government intervention to enforce their anti-immigration, anti-abortion, anti-homosexuality, anti-drug views. While I have a strong distaste for drug-users and gays, I'm a strong believer in liberty -- as are "most" libertarians. This endorsement should make Paul's so-called "Campaign For Liberty" implode, as so many consider Baldwin an old-fashined social fascist. I sincerely hope so -- then perhaps a more reason-minded candidate for liberty may arise from the ashes. That loon Ron Paul has been giving capitalism a bad name by affiliating himself with it (though I can't deny that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to economy).

    How the Constitution Paty plans to promote "freedom of religion" while establishing the US as a Christian nation is beyond me. They violate everything that Thomas Jefferson worked for. It's good that they haven't got a chance in hell to get more than one percent of the votes, top.

    My vote goes to Palin or Barr.
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