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My husband who SLEPT through last night's debate has set my blood pressure to 1000

After having to sit through the evening news and listen to all of the reports about Romney including reports from Massachusetts where his son Tig or Tag or Tuck or whatever the hell his name is was talking about how much his dad loves everyone and cares so much and people have been so mean, my head was about pounding. And hubby turns to me and says that the president was horrible and just standing there "out of it". So that about blew the top of my head off. I said that with the amount of lies Romney was spouting anyone would be taken aback. Then he said the President lied just as much Romney, and that I let this politics stuff get me too upset. Then he went to bed. Now I am sitting here FUMING!!!!!
I'm sorry. I can understand being angry, but this is just funny.
quinnox (12,821 posts)

1. take a cold shower
Robyn66 (1,309 posts)

13. I think he will be the one taking cold showers

for a good long time!
StarryNite (2,433 posts)

5. I feel your pain.

I'm in a politically mixed marriage and the fur can fly at times. So I call my Liberal daughter on the phone and I talk extra loud to her so my rethug hubby can hear me pointing out all the lies and bullshit from Rmoney and clan.
Wow, sounds like a fun family life. not
Robyn66 (1,309 posts)

16. He wasnt saying Obama did bad

he was saying that Obama is as big a liar as Romney. That is what made me nuts because he has no idea what he is talking about, has no intrest in politics and is just repeating junk he heard around the office. If he had an opinion that would be great but he is intentionally low information because he doesnt like politics but then likes to push my buttons. Its a good thing he's cute !
cry baby (4,736 posts)

28. My hubby is much like yours...

He grew up military in a tiny redneck town in Tx. I love him with all my heart, but he is just wrong in his political thinking from his upbringing.

We've only been married 3 yrs. Give me another 2 yrs. I've moved him from almost right wing to Liberatarian...he's a work in progress...and I'm a great teacher!

I'm sure your hubby appreciates you for who you are at your core. Maybe he will eventually move to where you are politically!
adigal (4,362 posts)

22. You need a new husband

I cannot imagine being married to a republican. I can't even stand to be in the same room with them anymore. They are insufferable.
And there's lots more in that thread.