kentuck (63,281 posts)

Do you think we will have any problem lowering expectations for next debate?

Seriously. I think a lot of folks were totally invested in the idea that Barack Obama was going to devastate Mitt Romney in the debate and that Mitt Romney was going to fall flat on his face.

I'm not saying that the President did a great job but I do believe that the expectations had a lot to do with the resulting analysis. Because of expectations, Romney was thought to have done much better than he actually did and the President was thought to have done much worse than he actually did. I do not believe it was great for Romney or that it was a disaster for Obama.

In the next debate, the expectations will be reversed. They will be much higher for Romney and much lower for Obama. We should try to keep it that way thru the debates. Because it is much easier for the candidate with the lower expectations.


Romney's win had nothing to do with low expectations for Romney and high expectations for Obama.

Liberals were shocked because they started to believe the lies that they and the media told about they weren't prepared for Romney's intellegence and competence.
dimbear (3,941 posts)

2. The next debate is the townhall deal...

Somebody is bound to say "no tax returns no votes." Then Mittens can explain that he just doesn't want to be pres that bad.
deaniac21 (6,294 posts)

7. The President was lowering expectations for at least

a week before the debate. But still, he did fine.