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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) San Francisco's new Roman Catholic archbishop made self-deprecating jokes about his recent drunken-driving arrest during his formal installation ceremony, which came just days after he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving.

But Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, a strong supporter of California's ban on same-sex marriage, did not refer to the distress his appointment has aroused in this gay-friendly city and mentioned marriage only obliquely Thursday.

Amid heavy security and the splendor of his faith's most sacred rites, Cordileone told an audience of more than 2,000 invited guests at St. Mary's Cathedral he was grateful for the support he had received from people of different religious and political viewpoints following the Aug. 25 arrest in his home town of San Diego.

"I know in my life God has always had a way of putting me in my place. I would say, though, that in the latest episode of my life God has outdone himself," Cordileone said with a chuckle as he delivered his first homily as archbishop.

The 56-year-old priest, the second-youngest U.S. archbishop, went on to say he did not know "if it's theologically correct to say God has a way of making himself known in this way," and asked for the indulgence of other high-ranking church leaders in the audience.

You would think his credibility would be shit.

First of all, DUmmie, this isn't about credibility--the humor was self deprecating and the bishop realized that God was giving him an exercise in humility. Then again, DUmmies don't understand lessons from God.

Also, I know something about this situation. I know one of the people who attended the party the bishop attended before the DUI.

The party was a small dinner party with church related lay people and the bishop's mother. There was wine with dinner (Catholics are allowed to drink), and the bishop actually turned down drinks afterwards. He ended the evening by driving his mother home. His mother lives close to San Diego State University and the bishop got caught in the checkpoints intended for drunk students. The bishop was not drunk off his ass--he was just at the legal limit--and he cooperated thoroughly with police.

The bishop is a decent man and people I respect have a great deal of respect for him.