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So let me see if I got this straight

WilLIARd Rmoney had to line up an interview with Hannity to walk back his 47% hate fest because President Obama never gave him a single opportunity during the debate. We all know that the focus groups and polls show that he's taken a severe beating given his contempt for the 47%.

Now everyone is talking about Big Bird and no one gives a shit that he now claims to be for the 100%.

No drama Obama is the big winner two days later.
LOL. Who's talking about "Big Bird"? Liberals, Not Conservatives.

Liberals are talking about "Big Bird" because they need to divert attention from Obama's many failures.

As if cutting public funding for PBS is going to take Sesame Street off the air. Liberals should put their pocketbook where their mouth is and fund it if it is important to them.