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  1. #1 The Ohio State marching band presents…your childhood 
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    As a marching band geek myself— ahem, drum major— I appreciate the hours of work that went into this (especially the 6-minute mark!) and love that the payoff is a viral hit for the band. Notice the roar of the crowd as it recognizes each new song and video game tribute. It’s like a nerd porn circle of life, in which playing a lot of video games in high school instead of getting social approval at football games leads to a perfect tribute to video games, which then leads to the ultimate expression of social approval at a football game. You earned it, Bandos!

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    That was definitely badass.

    It took a second until I realized that right at the very beginning they were doing Space Invaders. That, the Tetris and Pac-Man were very cool. Even if you don't watch the entire thing, the "animation" at the 6 minute mark is very good.

    Broadway wishes they could do that 1/10th as well.
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    They don't call themselves TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band In The Land) for nothing..
    Yes..this camera is heavy. can't be on TV.
    Look kid, go bother the reporter...I'm busy!!!
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    The thread title needs to be changed to:

    The Ohio State marching band presents…KICK-ASS EPIC WIN!!!!

    The horse blew me away.
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    I marched my last marching band gig in 1994.

    None of what I did was remotely like this stuff, which from the standpoint of an observer could be considered cool. My stuff consisted of marching, maneuvering, playing a brass instrument.

    And then listen to some of the most boring speeches ever devised by mankind.

    No way. You couldn't pay me to do this stuff much less do it for free.
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