By Noel S. Williams

Political signs on private residential property are unlikely to sway undecided voters, but they do say something about the owners' personal values. Lawn maintenance and general property upkeep also reflect one's values.

After casually surveying my neighborhood during my daily jogging jaunts, I noticed a pattern: Unkempt lawns have more signs supporting Democrat candidates, whereas neat properties proudly sport signs favoring Republican candidates.

I work for a state agency on the left coast, and many cars in the parking lot are splattered with offensive decals. Even though the agency touts diversity as its strongest asset, these metallic malcontents -- and I presume their owners -- aren't onboard. They have succumbed to a mind-numbing acquiescence to liberal orthodoxy and groupthink.

Almost all voted for "hope and change," some insist we "Fight the Man," and a couple pledge allegiance to radical outfit Code Pink. Most exhort "Forward," but incongruously spew backward looking slogans denigrating President Bush.

After running the gauntlet of these seething, firebrand motors every day, Bub -- that's my car -- and I are grateful for the serenity of our quiet neighborhood. Then, my neighbor put up a sign...

My relief was palpable when I got close enough to read it. After suffering the taunts of an interloper from confrontational signs at the metallic cauldron at work, we can happily coexist. I won't have to struggle to restrain Bub from, umm, accidentally veering over his front lawn. But it did pique my interest: Political signs were now on my radar at home and work; during my daily jogs I started paying attention.

Honestly, I'm no interfering busybody, and as long as my street is not a dumping ground, and is free of all-night workshops and drug houses, I'm generally content. But, like most, I do appreciate a well-manicured lawn, and I was starting to notice a pattern: most political signs on well maintained properties were for Republican candidates. These signs stand tall and proud, resplendently reflecting the owners' self-respect, diligence, and appreciation for property values.

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