This is actionable, I tell you! ACTIONABLE!!!

An economic organization recently hosted a forum for local candidates running for our state house. One of the rules for the event was no video recording except for pre-authorized media. During the event, a person the local Dems have claimed is a staff member for the Republican candidate was taking brief recordings on her cell phone of both the Dem and Republican candidates. Apparently she was confronted by other audience members (gosh, I wonder what their political affiliation was) during and after the event. Apparently, no one bothered to tell a representative of the organization hosting the event about this while it was happening, which is strange. In any case, the local Dems are making a huge fuss about this horrific violation of the event's rules. I mean, this scandal has simply rocked our fair city and the Republican incumbent is on the ropes because of it.

Okay, so I'm playing things up, but then, so are the Democrats. This is an absolute non-story, but they are treating it as something equal to Watergate. It's utterly pathetic. Of course, their candidate is tanking and did not do well, so they need something -- anything -- to distract from that fact. It's just sad.