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My world changed forever yesterday.
I have three children. Two daughters, ages seven and four. One son, 11 months.

Yesterday, my four year old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. We're just starting education and training, and she has to stay at the hospital for several days for testing and monitoring. Everything is a whirlwind right now, and believe me, having to stick your sweet four year old daughter with needles like a pincushion several times a day and draw blood is not what any parent should have to deal with. But we understand that things could be worse, and this is manageable. And she's already proven to be the bravest, strongest little girl I've ever known. We'll all get through it and move forward.

But you know what? Now, and for the rest of her life, she has a pre-existing condition.

But she can be on my insurance until she is 26. And no insurance company can drop her for it.

That is, unless Romney wins and he and the Republicans do what they promise to do: repeal Obamacare.

I was proud to vote for President Obama in 2008, and I always was going to this November.

But now it's personal.

Elections have consequences. I'll be damned if my 4 year old daughter's life will be one of them.


What really bugs the shit out of me is that libs ALWAYS have to make everything in their lives political. NOw lets see if my math is correct......she is 4.....she will be on your plan till she is 26......hmmmm that is about 22 years...How in the hell when romney is elected is going to effect your daughter 22 years down the road? Boggles the mind.