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I need to say something about CNN and its "poll"...

rant on

CNN is not even trying to hide its bias.

Note: I was in the gym, so it's not my fault that the channel was on CNN.

Every single story, from the debate and Robme's "bounce," to what's going on in Syria, to what happened in Lybia...EVERY SINGLE STORY AND HEADLINE was NEGATIVE for Obama.

I repeat: Every single story and/or headline was negative/biased against the president.

The roundtable was stacked with milquetoast Democrats like Adrian Fenty. He and another loser, Carly Fiorina, wanted to give the president "advice". Now ain't that rich: These two fucking losers giving the president advice. Really?!??!

Then, apparently Republicans are "demanding" an investigation of the Lybian incident and want to subpoena the president and Susan Rice as witnesses. Huh? Of course the interview was very sympathetic to the Republican.

Then, the discussion turned to how Mitt Romney is "pouncing" the president in LV numbers, even among women, but especially among men (read: WHITE men)

Finally, it was all about Mitt Romney. His foreign policy speech. His heartfelt story about a friend who was killed in Lybia. His now "winning" status. His leadership. His upcoming interview with Wolf Blitzer...

I couldn't even believe it. CNN might as well be the new Faux News. It was transparent. So blatant! Just as blatant as Faux!!

Just felt like ranting. No wonder so many here are feeling defeated.

My advice: Turn the t.v. off. It'll drive you absolutely crazy, and I was only working out for an hour!!!

/rant off


Hey, DUmmie, did it ever occur to you that Lybia and the debate have PROVEN what an awful president he is? So much so that even his bootlickers at CNN can't avoid reporting on it.