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I think they realized that trying to outdo MSNBC for the batshit crazy moonbat viewship demo wasn't a winning strategy.
I think there is more to it......you've been involved with the media as I have, I see a "tipping point" approaching where media personalities, and their bosses are beginning to see their credibility and future at stake........regardless of their bias, and strong desire to preserve the Obama regime, they are thinking (finally) about what they are going to do if he looses, and its effect on their revenues, and jobs in the future.

They have been taking a ratings bath for a decade, and have rationalized it, thinking that their audience is left-leaning, and eventually they will hit bottom, and start to improve......it ain't happening, as even the reasonable liberals are jumping ship on them.......the handwriting is on the wall, and they know it.

So far, it's just a dribble, but even the New York Times (the source for 80% of media stories) is starting to turn on the Dems......