First, there are many things that various plants, animals and insects can do that are written off as an “evolved” trait. The question no Darwinist has ever answered properly is how. If needed traits evolved over time, how did the plant, animal, or insect know it needed that trait? For example, if a beetle is the same color as the plants it lives in, it is commonly said that the beetle evolved that color as a defense against predators. This would seem to denote an intelligent decision: “Things are eating us. We would probably be better off if we were green, like these leaves. Then the things eating us would have a harder time seeing us.”

Second, there are many unanswered questions about how life actually began. There are many theories, but zero proof. A promoter of evolution would say that there is no proof of God either. That just means we’re on the same page, doesn’t it?

Third, there are many species that are essentially unchanged for millions of years. Turn on any National Geographic special about sharks, alligators, many insects and others and at some point you will hear that the subject of the documentary is “essentially unchanged from (insert millions of years here) ago.” How can that be? We are told that species continually evolve to pick up useful traits and lose bad ones. So why have sharks never evolved to breath air or walk up onto the beach so they can swipe some sunbathers to go with their usual fare? Why did all these creatures stop evolving when there are so many things that could be improved upon?

Fourth, there is the whole “missing link” problem. Every other year, we are told that scientists have finally found the missing link between man’s earlier forms and Homo Sapiens. They have found two in the last two years. Wait, was that two missing links?

Last, there is carbon dating. It’s not that accurate, and it doesn’t go back far enough to prove anything. Look it up, kids.