CHICAGO (FOX Chicago News) -

60-year-old William Tinkler posted bond out of the Elgin City Jail Wednesday night after being charged with several animal cruelty charges.

Police say a pungent odor in the Elgin block came from dozens of dead cats and a dog, inside a van behind the Tinkler's home.

"The smell is, there is a bad smell, it smells like... if you know what... it's just really bad," said Fred Danner.

"My main concern is I'm glad they got him... I have nieces and we'll say don't go over there, don't go to this side," said Shavon Patrick.

"It's just ridiculous that he had all those cats and you know I'm very concerned about my kids because you know, kids find stuff and I'm just glad they didn't find any dead cats that's around here now," said Narweatta Flowers.

Elgin city contractors made the find Wednesday as they were trimming bushes and trees. They called Animal Control who contacted police.

"They observed carcasses inside the van and the driveway," explains Lt. Dan O'Shea with the Elgin Police Department. "They spoke with the resident that was there and he had stated that they were his previous cats and he had put them in there. He was cooperative with the officers, took them in the house and he said he had twelve additional cats, live cats, at the house he was currently caring for."

Lt. O'Shea says he's never seen a worse case of animal cruelty or neglect.

"It's a sad case. We never want to see any animal cruelty and we try to stay on top of cases so if neighbors think someone is in excess of cats or dogs, we always encourage them to call police so we can look into it," said O'Shea.

Despite the charges, Tinkler's neighbor of six years describes him as an animal lover.

"I'm surprised to see all the cats were found dead. It seems when I talked to him that he took care of all the animals..." said Bryce Baker.

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