DUers are thrilled with the debate. They are absolutely sure that Biden won. As usual if the liberal acts with derision and condensation towards the Republican they figure that it means that they win. It's all about emotion and belittling others.

Biden totally turned me off with his mocking laughter and smirking. He way over did so it had no meaning except for the fact that he was acting incredibly rude.

CBS made a good point. Biden played to the BASE. They are giddy. BUT what kind of a reaction will it have with undecided people and moderates? I think they will see this as rude and condescending, and what they will remember of this debate is that and not the points that Biden made.

Now for some of the giddyness:

just1voice (950 posts)

I LOVED Biden laughing in that lying (R)s face!

That is exactly what to do to lying (R)s, show them how ridiculous their lies are, then present the facts and reality. Biden clobbered the lying (R)s and their entire platform.

Marie Marie (1,439 posts)

This is a big f**king deal!!

Thank you Joe!! You rocked my world tonight.

MrScorpio (51,855 posts)

I don't know about you, but I LOVED Biden's laughs and smiles

That was his reaction to Ryan's utter bullshit

avaistheone1 (11,112 posts)

David Brooks says Biden was aggressive and passionate.

He didn't like Joe smirking though (lol).
Voice for Peace (7,007 posts)

5. I didn't see Biden smirking, he was smiling, and thinking. Ryan was smirking, smugly, smarmily

While Ryan was talking, Biden was thinking, or taking notes
While Biden was talking, Ryan was smarmily smirkily smugging,
clearly well practiced to appear as if he hadn't a doubt in the
world he was smarter than the Vice President.. how could Biden
not smile?

How absurd the little fellow, with all his big knowledge about
Afghanistan, and how the President has fallen short. Isn't he
something! I can't wait for the cartoons, and the reviews.

I loved Joe

it was rocky for him though, like for Obama.
they used the same technique.
R/R are goners from here on in,
they have no more cards to play.

DrewFlorida (309 posts)

Joe Biden is ripping Ryan a new asshole, way to go Joe!

Joe Biden is ripping Ryan up at every lie he tells, he is not letting any bull shit fly by without being corrected. I think we now know the recipe for Obama to attack Rmoney!

Keep it up Joe, great job!
They didn't like the media response after the debate.


Laura PourMeADrink (13,357 posts)

WTF, WTF, WTF. CNN poll says Ryan Wins?

BREAKING NEWS: CNN/ORC Post-Debate Poll Results: Who won the debate? Ryan 48% | Biden 44%. (+/-5 MOE)

How in the world could this be true?

There is no one, no one in their right mind who could say Ryan won.

So what is it? Gotta be the aggression and smiling.

If it's not...have no earthly idea.
Wounded Bear (1,642 posts)

So Biden "loses" because he treated Ryan like Romney treated Pres Obama?

Yeah, right.
Sometimes I wonder what debate they watched.


Odin2005 (46,224 posts)

Fuck the corporate media!

Anyone who thinks the debate was a "draw" is delusional or a lying tool.

RBInMaine (8,639 posts)

How about all of RYAN's smiling??? Constant fucking SMIRKING really. CONSTANT. Just like RobMe's.

woolldog (6,335 posts)

It's official, I don't trust CNN anymore

There's no way those debate win numbers are correct. How could they be so different from CBS's?

This, plus the rigged squiggly lines = CNN is not credible.