Other than Papaverde's almost throwing away game one Saturday night against the Yankees, I'm pretty happy with the Tigers' performance so far. Verlander pitches tomorrow, at home, with the Tigers up 2-0. I have my Bible study from 7-9, so when I get home it will be a tough choice between watching the debate or the game.

If I had been Doug Fister on Saturday, I'd be very pissed off at Valverde for almost costing me my win. Fister started the game and pitched a shutout while he was in the game.

Sanchez and Coke did a good job yesterday. I still want to see Prince Fielder bat a little better, he's my favorite Tiger right now (I loved his dad, too, back around 1990).

I'm hoping for a Cards/Tigers rematch, mostly because St. Louis is only one time zone away, and the games won't start at 10:00 EDT.