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Let's be perfectly clear. I draw the line at voting for another Liberal because the Republican is a liberal. I supported Buchanan in 92' and 96' primaries but supported Bush in the GE. I would have stayed home before I would have ever voted for Clinton.

Funny though. The Democrat running against Lindsey Graham in 08' was a DINO and had some of the most conservative stances. And Graham is the most leftist Republican of my generation. Had I been in that district I would have probably voted for him to because of that and that Graham is so bad.
I have always been a registered Independent, and Clinton was my first election. I was looking at the fact that Bush lied and Clinton was the ultimate sales man. I can still remember hearing Rush say daily about how much of a mistake Clinton was. But when you look at what it was like with him as President. Things weren't that bad. Then most of that is because he stood back and let Newt and the Congress do their job.

As it still stands though, if Perot was not in the race, Bush would have been re-elected.