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United we stand divided we fall.

You give a whole new meaning to the term Libtard (Libertarian Retard)

lol. You don't know me friend.

I've been a Republican for over 25 years. Stir up quite a fuss and keep my group in line too I might add...... Just not an asskisser beholden to "party over principle" like you and some others I guess. It's looking good because more and more over the next several years I see that changing. People who think like you are starting to STFU in reality (not on message boards though). We will see.....Although... I'm done with them and will be an independant if they don't get it right by 2016. Plenty of little battles to be won in the next 4 years at local and state level. Everything in politics isn't based on 1 POTUS election. Get a clue.