link DU and Politifact finally admit that *truth* is only what liberals say it is, and a *lie* is whatever they do not agree with.

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Politifact: The Only Truth Ryan Spoke Was when He Agreed With Obama Policy

One 'Mostly True' from Ryan and the rest of his claims were all lies. One of them was the 'Lie of the Year'.

Ryan's one truth: Afghanistan Timeline: "Ryan responded that Romney and Ryan agree with a 2014 deadline for U.S. withdrawal." -- rated Mostly True

Ryan's Lies:

- Ryan's statements on Obama not meeting with Bibi. -- Rated FALSE.

- China's role in use of stimulus money -- Rated MOSTLY FALSE.

- Ryan's statements on the Obama administration's predictions of stimulus impact on unemployment -- Rated MOSTLY FALSE

- Ryan's claim that Obamacare is a government takeover of healthcare -- Rated LIE OF THE YEAR