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  1. #1 Tonight's town hall debate format, and my moment of concern-trolling. 
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    Concern from the Pittster!!!

    Tue Oct 16, 2012, 09:13 AM

    Tonight's town hall debate format, and my moment of concern-trolling.

    Tonight's town hall debate format: After the audience member asks a question, his or her microphone will be immediately shut off. The candidate will have two minutes to answer. The other candidate is then given two minutes to respond. Then the moderator will be able to pose a follow-up question of her choosing, with each candidate allowed one minute to respond.

    I find this troubling for Obama for a couple of key reasons.

    1) This format is better suited to the kind of calm, fact-driven performance Obama gave in the first debate. He needs to get chippy and a little confrontational with Romney tonight (in my opinion), but the format this time does not seem to really allow for that.

    2) The moderator's "follow-up question" allows Candy Crowley to wield an enormous amount of power to direct (or misdirect) the course of the conversation.

    2a) Candy Crowley sucks so hard she bends light.

    We shall see what we shall see, but I'm unthrilled with the format. Hopefully Mr. Obama and his team have game-planned this thing sixteen ways from Tuesday.
    I was "concerned" for Will, he hasn't been around much!! Hope he wasn't on a bender or anything.
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    "fact-driven performance Obama gave in the first debate"

    Pitters should do stand up!
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