Hi everyone!

I had hoped to not have to write one of these but CU needs your help.

The ads we run, though bringing in some $$$ on a monthly basis, are NOT paying the bills.
For example, I just got a whopping check for $13.00 in the mail!!!

We have a base of CUers that have been donating enough to keep us going up to this point but I'd like to ask
all of you to help the board out IF you can. I don't like taking money from the same SMALL number
of our members over and over. They are appreciated a ton by SaintLouieWoman and myself but
how about helping CU out and kicking us some cash via PayPal???

If you enjoy the banter here we could use your help $$$ wise.

Thank you in advance for your support!!!

I do have a little gift for those of you that can part with at least 20 bucs...
It's a little lawn flag with a cute warm and fuzzy saying!!!

No lawn??? Well put it in a widdle flower pot with some dirt in it!!! God, do I have to think of everything????
You get 2 of them for a donation to CU of at least $20 and that includes shipping.

I'll be selling these flags too if people want more of them.