Of all the recommendations for good health, here is one of the most pleasant----eat chocolate in moderation. Now that nutritionists' order is one that's easy to follow. The only tough part is the "moderation" part.'

We're not talking milk chocolate here, not talking about the Reese's peanut butter cups, SR's favorites. We're talking about dark chocolate, preferably 60% or higher. The candy manufacturers are listening to these messages. I found SR's favorite Reese's pb cups at Walgreens recently---but they're DARK chocolate, not the milk chocolate.

My favorite chocolate is the Ghiradelli's squares of dark chocolate, with 60%, 72%, and the really dark 86%. What's your chocolate of choice?


Disregard the nasty anti-Romney ad at the beginning of the video. My editorial comment---hopefully women aren't that stupid to believe that vile stuff.