I was debating starting this in the Whiny Zone, but it sort of does apply to women. Bosses. That is.

We have recently been doing some "work reassignments" at the job. There have been layoffs. A certain gentleman who has flirted with me throughout the years has just taken a position as my direct subordinate. He's been my subordinate for years, but he's always worked the graveyard shift, so I hardly ever saw him. Though I did his evaluations and took care of any issues that occurred on his shift as those who work on that shift are my direct reports. It's been harmless flirting, for the most part..and I can dish it out when I receive it.

Here is the problem. He has moved to my shift, in my direct working area. Without giving too much detail of my exact position, he's sort of like my secretary, but not really, because he assists coworkers more than he would me. However my office is directly next to him and he is in an open area. I have to pass him every time I leave my office. I have direct contact with the position, constantly, all day long.

He started a couple of weeks ago, and the attraction is mutual although I give NO hints of it. He brings me gifts, avocado's from his fruit tree, a machiato on his way in, one for him, one for me...etc. He's likes to hang out close to my office with small talk. I don't encourage it, but I also don't stop it. He is a very attractive Latin man, in his late 40's, has a house, is a conservative (we've been watching the debates at work). BUT FOR OBVIOUS reasons, I can't give him any hope or inkling that I'd date him ( in a heartbeat) if we didn't work together.

Dating in the hospital is not exactly discouraged as it goes on all the time. This guy's last girlfriend works in the same department and now they will be relieving each other at shift change. They lived together for 8 years and he also dated another employee before that for a LTR..so he's not a player.