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    I came home from work and this little guy was hiding out on my front patio.

    I started a Facebook thread.

    Everyone told me that I need a dog and to keep it.

    I wanted to go through the proper channels as I knew someone was misssing a pet so I had plans on calling animal control in the morning.

    The dog followed me all over the yard, it was all dirty, muddy and dusty from some rain we had.

    I provied the dog with a couple hours of companionship outside and some hydration, he was really thirsty. I found some dog food from when I dog sat, and he was also very hungry. I figured he would be outside all night. I left the outside lights on to keep the bad dogs away and my .40 S&W stun gun helps...we have coyotes

    After a long and at times very inappropriate facebook thread a coworker sends me a text, she had a friend that lost a dog. His name was sparky.

    I let the dog in the house. I said "Sparky"

    His ears pearch up...and jumps up on the sofa, laying between my back and the rear cushion...he was no longer scared.

    The dog owners just left my house. The daughter had been very upset. The dog accidently got out this morning and had been missing all day. They had been looking all day and putting up posters.

    Several people on Facebook told me to just keep the dog as they are expensive....there is no way I was going to risk keeping someone else's pet. That is not simply fair to the other people, if there was any other people...

    It ended well.

    It was an awesome dog.
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