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  1. #1 Contest to come up with billboard taunting Nancy Pelosi 
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    Contest held to come up with taunting billboard message for Nancy Pelosi

    The National Republican Congressional Committee on Thursday launched a contest for people to come up with a taunting message for Nancy Pelosi that will be driven around her downtown San Francisco district office all day on a roving billboard before the election.

    “Yes, we’re serious. What do you want to tell Nancy?” the committee says on its website for the contest, #LOLaPelosi, targeting the Democratic House leader.

    The way the contest works, according to the NRCC, is that they will measure the popularity of each 100-character submitted message through social media and their website.

    “She’s directly responsible for the largest middle class tax hike in US history: ObamaCare,” NRCC spokesman Gerrit Lansing said. “The NRCC believes Americans are overdue in a chance to tell her what they think of her failed policies at”

    If submitted messages are popular enough, they will appear on the NRCC’s leader board online that people can vote on.

    So far, top submitted messages include “Please never be speaker again” and “If you can read this, you did more than Pelosi on Obamacare.”

    Others strike a more humorous note, like “Are facelifts and botox covered by obamacare??”



    How about a laser pointer shooting in one ear and out the other?
    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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    I am not a Pelosi fan, but it seems like a complete waste of money to do this. It's the kind of thing people do when they know they can't beat a candidate in the actual election.
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