We had electric pressure smokers at work, does well, but tends to be a bitch to clean up after smoking. Ours could fit three of your whole smoker units inside.

Give some advice.

Smoking brats, make sure to poke holes in the casing, else they tend to pop the casing as they cook and look horrid. For more smoke flavor, if your unit can cold smoke, do it for half an hour first, then hit them with the heat.

Also, if it can cold smoke, (Smoke food with no heat), you can smoke cheese. Some units can do this.

For smoked salmon and smoked catfish. (Catfish is to die for)

1 Gal. of water
3/4 pound of canning salt
3/4 bottle of Kikkoman teriyaki marinade.
1 pound of brown sugar.

Mix contents into a large bowl. Soak the fish portions in this mixture for a min. 4 hours. Over night is better.

Put aluminum foil on your racks, but take a sharp knife and cut slits in the foil so the juices can drain away from the fish as they smoke.

Lay the fish scale side down for salmon, on the racks, generously coat the meat sides with brown sugar. Sprinkle them with cookies flavor enhancer.

Our smoker it took about 45 min. But all smokers are different so make sure you use a meat therm. and hit an internal of 165.

The reasoning of the foil is fish will fall apart easily when smoked, so to not have to spoon it out of the bottom, use the foil. After its done smoking, set your racks with the fish still on them in your fridge to cool for about an hour. Makes getting them off the foiled racks easier without falling apart.

The mix you made to soak the fish can be reused several times up to about a week before needing to dump and replace. Try and find whole salmon fillet sides, nice ones, they smoke a lot nicer, you will just need to cut them into smoke-able sized portions first your self. Warning thou, there are some pre-cut frozen salmon sides out there. Don't buy them. They are low quality and usually garbage to begin with. I've seen some of them that you can tell they are dyed pink to look fresher then they really are.