Some one is off their meds again....

Fri Oct 19, 2012, 03:42 PM

MUST READ: If R$R Prevail On Medicaid Kids Get Ready To Sign Over YOUR House -----

for nursing home care for a loved one. This topic came up on the Ed Schultz Show just before it ended. With the cuts in Medicaid which pays for nursing home expenses for loved ones with NO ASSETS of their own, the states would be allowed to saddle the offspring with the debt of nursing home care.

Before a loved one is put in a nursing home the children and maybe even the grandchildren would have to sign a document as the person or persons responsible for the nursing home bill. Otherwise the individual WOULD NOT be admitted. So the family would be faced with providing 24/7 home health care for that person UNLESS THEY SIGN FOR FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Remanding Medicaid to the states REMOVES PRESENT FEDERAL PROTECTIONS that keeps the states from ATTACHING the assets of family members of the individual going into a nursing home.

Payment of nursing home care WAS THE RULE before Medicaid was passed. My mother's sisters who were in state had to pay toward my grandmother's nursing home care.

Now I have posted this pending travesty on this board at least two times with almost no response. PEOPLE NEED TO GET THIS AND UNDERSTAND WHAT R$R and the GOP is up to. Because you could be in a position of losing your own assets if these bastards get their way. Newt Gingrinch almost got this done when Clinton was in office and he vetoed the budget bill and it was removed. That is why the GOP was ready to murder Clinton literally

Everyone who can be swayed needs to KNOW THIS. I know this because my mother was in a nursing home for four years and that legislation was ON THE TABLE at the time.

Remember the huge cuts will go to tax breaks for guys like the Kochs. Do we need to go back to the time when old people were sometimes left at the bus or train station with a note on them. And will your Medicare "coupon" pay for your health care under such a situation?

BTW This post needs to go viral anywhere you can take it. They will deny it but THEY ARE GOD DAMNED LIARS.
Needs to go links to any even make believe proof but it needs to go viral.