OCTOBER 19--A Pennsylvania man today told police that a Bigfoot attacked his 1973 Winnebago motor home, smashing out windows and taillights with a fusillade of rocks.
The purported sasquatch attack on John Reed's vehicle is being investigated by state troopers, who issued a press release describing the vandalism suspect as "very large, brown in color, and walks somewhat hunched over." Reed, investigators added, was unable to describe whether the attacker "was hairy."
Reed, 39, told probers that he spotted the Bigfoot while driving near his home in Lykens, a borough in Dauphin County. After turning on the RV's exterior lights, Reed claimed, the ape-like creature began throwing rocks at the Winnebago (apparently in an effort to avoid discovery, troopers concluded).


Definitely Bigfoot, no doubt about it.